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Paloma Terrace

Paloma Terrace is a 59-unit, tax credit community for low-income families, with one-, two – and three-bedroom units in its design.

The apartments are arranged around a central landscaped courtyard that includes children’s play equipment, a synthetic turf lawn and picnic area with barbeque.  In addition, there is a half basketball court on-site with additional outdoor picnic and barbeque areas with gardens and walkways.

There is a large community room with a kitchen, as well as a library/computer lab, a children’s playroom, and a teen activity room. The laundry room for the building is located on the ground floor, directly off the courtyard. In addition, office space is provided for on-site management staff and a service coordinator.

The design, construction, and operation of Paloma Terrace incorporates green development and energy-efficient measures and promotes the Livability Principles described by the Partnership for Sustainable Communities.

Paloma Terrace is striving for a Platinum LEED rating with the U.S. Green Building Council, a non-profit that supports energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly building projects throughout the country.

Paloma Terrace is no longer accepting applications.

Financing for the development, construction, and operation of Paloma Terrace has been provided by the California Tax Credit Allocation Committee, California Community Reinvestment Corporation, the Angelus Trust and Wells Fargo Bank.

This housing offers accessible units and is offered without regard to race, color, religion, sex, gender, gender identity and expression, family status, national origin, marital status, ancestry, age, sexual orientation, disability, source of income, genetic information, arbitrary characteristics, or any other basis prohibited by law. Additional information about this community can be found at

Community Application

For an application for this community, click here.

This community is currently not accepting applications.

People have the right to ask for and receive reasonable accommodations and physical modifications, including the right to ask for communications in alternative formats and for auxiliary aids and services.


We hope this section helps answer a few of the questions you may have.  If you have a question not covered in this section, or if you would like more information, please call Paloma Terrace at (323)-238-0538. We look forward to hearing from you!  

What type of housing is Paloma Terrace? Is it low-income housing?

Paloma Terrace is a tax credit community for families. Rent is based on area median income and is set below a specific level relevant to the community.

What does the rent include?

Monthly rental of the apartment, water, and trash service.

Is there a lease?

Yes, there is a one-year lease, but we understand the necessity of unanticipated move-outs.

How many apartments are there?

Paloma Terrace has 58 apartments.

How big are the apartments?

Paloma Terrace offers spacious one, two, and three-bedroom apartments, as well as a few more accessible apartments for the sensory/mobility impaired.

How do I get started with the move-in process?

Simply fill out an application completely, sign it, and mail it to the address on the back of the application. (CURRENTLY, OUR WAITLIST IS CLOSED)

Is there a waiting list for residency?

Yes, currently Paloma Terrace has a waiting list.  Please call for the approximate waiting time.

What is the Security Deposit?

The Security Deposit is the same as one month’s rent.

Do you allow pets?

Paloma Terrace does not allow pets.

What is the Pet Deposit?

No pets.

Is there additional storage space available?

There is no additional storage available; however, each apartment-style offers a large amount of storage space.

Is there an elevator?

Yes, there are two elevators located in the center of the building, easily accessible by all residents on all floors.

Is parking available?

Yes, Paloma Terrace offers residents assigned parking underground, with additional on-street parking in the front of the building, for guest and additional vehicles.

What is the cost for parking?

There is no cost for parking.

How many keys do I receive?

Residents receive an apartment key, a key to a locked mailbox for their apartment, and an access key to the main entry. Our main entrances are intercom controlled and automatically open with the key.

Are there any planned activities?

Paloma Terrace prints a monthly calendar showing the dates and times of various activities. Monthly activities include potluck meals, seasonal activities such as workout classes, presentations. There is also Computer rooms, Teen room, and Children’s room that gets used daily.

Are there on-site laundry facilities?

There is one laundry center at Paloma Terrace.  It contains coin-operated washers and coin-operated dryers with folding and hanging areas and a wash sink for the convenience of our residents. This center is located on the ground floor.

What is the garbage/recycling process?

There is a garbage center on each floor of the building specifically for garbage/recycling purposes. Inside, there is a chute to dispose of trash directly into a dumpster. There are labeled bins for all recyclables.

Is there any public transportation available?

Yes, the city of Los Angeles offers transit services, which include buses, Amtrak, and metro rail.

Visit Us:

Paloma Terrace
5000 S. Main
Los Angeles, CA 90037

Contact Us:

tel  323-238-0538
fax 323-238-0567

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