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Manager/Administrator of the Year

The Manager or Administrator of the year is a team player whose quality of work is at the highest level. Their belief in the RHF mission and motto is reflected in the day-to-day operation of their community.

They work well with their supervisor(s) and the national staff. They follow RHF policy and procedures.

Resident relations and their quality of life, financial performance, facility condition, and surveys or inspections from outside agencies all play a part in their overall performance rating.

Manager of the Year 2023

JoAnn Montelongo​JoAnn Montelongo
Bexton Manor & Darson Marie Terrace – San Antonio, Texas –

Jo Ann Montelongo brings over 25 years of experience to RHF and her knowledge and expertise have allowed her to shine as the manager of not one but two of our communities. “Many managers may find running a single RHF community challenging; however, Jo Ann handles two facilities successfully. Located adjacent from each other, she is able to devote equal time and effort towards running Darson Marie Terrace and Bexton Place efficiently and effectively,” says Thuy Hoang, Jo Ann’s Regional Manager.

Jo Ann excels at keeping her communities full. Upon being hired at RHF, she reached 100% occupancy in the newly opened Darson Marie Terrace Apartments within 90 days. In addition, she was able to reach full occupancy at Bexton Place only 3 ½ months after taking over operations. “Jo Ann consistently maintains full occupancy and a healthy waiting list to avoid costly delays with vacant units. She is efficient in her spending and understands fiscal responsibility. She maintains her buildings with an eye for details and holds her staff accountable,” says Thuy.

Residents at both Jo Ann’s properties have written in with overwhelming support for her nomination and appreciation for all she does to help them live joyous, fulfilling lives. “She does a lot for us every day and our holidays are always cheerful and pleasant thanks to Ms. Montelongo,” says Darson Marie resident, Maria Ramirez.

Jo Ann is a true asset to RHF and her hard work and dedication does not go unnoticed by the company or her residents. “Jo Ann is the greatest manager I have had from all the apartments I have been at,” says resident Lidia Villarreal.

RHF is pleased to present Jo Ann Montelongo with the 2023 Manager of the Year Award.

2020 Administrator of the Year

Sandy Haskins 2020 administrator of the year woman with short blonde hair and black topSandy Haskins
Gold Country Retirement Center – Placerville, CA

As the daughter of a mother who was a registered nurse and a father who was a long-term care administrator, Sandy grew up with examples of what it meant to be a servant leader. Sandy began working with seniors more than 30 years ago, throughout the state of California, with five (5) of those years as Executive Director of Gold Country Retirement and Healthcare Center.

Her leadership at Gold Country has resulted in a positive cash flow and high occupancy levels in four out of five years at her community. She oversees a staff that has consistently rated well on surveys conducted by various state agencies. She finds inspiration from her staff whom she feels works very hard to make their residents’ lives better.

Gold Country is an integral part of the Placerville community in which it is located – you can’t go anywhere around town without meeting someone who has had a family member living or working at Gold Country. Sandy, herself, is a Rotarian and works hard in the Placerville community, staying involved in the local Chamber of Commerce and the Marshall Hospital Foundation.

At the state level, she is very active in LeadingAge California and was named their 2015 Grassroots Advocate awardee.

Sandy is most proud of the fact that RHF /Gold Country Retirement and Healthcare Center is providing a beautiful and contemporary senior housing option that appeals to the middle-income residents in El Dorado County.

RHF is pleased to present Sandy Haskins with the 2020 Executive Director of the Year Award.

Congratulations to all of our past recipients!

2020 Manager of the Year – Dawn Lewis
2019 Manager of the Year – Shana Anders-Hastings
2018 Manager of the Year – Mario Hidaldo
2017 Manager of the Year – Nicole Beverly
2016 Manager of the Year – Richard Bates
2015 Manager of the Year – Scott Siehr
2014 Administrator of the Year – Stacey Montero
2014 Manager of the Year – Darleen Nelson
2013 Manager of the Year – Cathy Levario
2012 Manager of the Year – Diane Wink
2011 Manager of the Year – Pamela Jennings
2010 Manager of the Year – Emily Hidalgo
2009 Manager of the Year – Jason Castle
2008 Administrator of the Year – Robert Mauer
2008 Manager of the Year – Linda Forsberg
2007 Administrator of the Year – Tonya Turner
2007 Manager of the Year – Julie Lemke
2006 Administrator of the Year – Debi Holling
2006 Managers of the Year – Linda & Jack Grigsby


Retirement Housing Foundation
911 N Studebaker Rd
Long Beach, CA 90815
tel 562-257-5100

TDD: 1-800-545-1833 x359


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